All Fingerless Mittens are: Hand made in Ohio                        These Kozy Fingerless Mittens were made for those who:

                                                  One of a kind                                                                                 Work in cold offices

                                                  Wool shell and fleece lined                                                         Are tech savvy

                                                  One Size Fits All                                                                           Just have to text

                                                  Come Accented With A Button                                                   Can't stand their fingers covered

                                                                                                                                                          Or the occational smoker

If you can't find the color you want, click on "Pick Your Own Colors" link across the top in the Blue area, once that screen is open, scroll down to the Fingerless mitten category link, (personalized & school colors, kids, infants, men/women/hunting/driving) and start building your own custom, one of a kind mittens.

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These are a pair of variegated blue knit lambs wool Kozy fingerless mittens. The cuff is made..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- This Kozy pair of Fingerless mittens are dark pink ribbed wool. The ..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- These are pretty pink ribbed wool Fingerless mittens The cuff i..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- Perfect for fall with orange and black argyle pattern wool The tan c..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- Enjoy fall with these vaiegated orange wool Fingerless mittens ..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- These are beautiful dark olive green with a light green and ma..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- This is a pair of red Fingerless mittens. Cuffs are gray with a red ..
FINGERLESS MITTENS-- This is a pair of brown Fingerless mittens. Cuffs are a white cream ..
FINGERLESS MITTENS Burgundy or Wine colored lambs wool  Black cuff with a cream colo..
FINGERLESS MITTENS Craem color Angora/Cashmere blend for the main body Cuff is green with..
FINGERLESS MITTENS Rust color Cashmere for the main body Hunter green cuff with a cream c..
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