All Womens Mittens are: Hand made in Ohio

                                               One of a kind

                                               Wool shell and fleece lined

Womens Mittens come with a button on the cuff and can have a pocket on them.

SIZES INCLUDE: SMALL 8.5 in. x 4in.     MEDIUM 9in. x 4.5 in.      LARGE 10 in. x 4.5 in.

If you can't find the color you want, click on the "Pick Your Own Colors" link across the top in the blue area. Once that screen is open, scroll down to the mitten category link, click on womens and start building your own custom, one of a kind Kozy Mittens.


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Womens Mittens-097S
Womens Size Small-- Gray and blue, recycled American Eagle shetland wool sweater, Kozy m..
Womens Mittens-099S
Womens Size Small-- Baby blue Cable print Lambs wool adorns the tops of these mittens Nav..
Womens Mittens-118M
Womens Size Medium-- These blue Kozy mittens have an exciting blue, orange and red patterened..
Womens Mittens-123M
Womens Size Medium-- These pretty Kozy mittens are made of a variegated pink knit wool on the..
Womens Mittens-187M
Womens Size Medium-- These soft and fuzzy Kozy mittens are a maroon, navy blue and orange pat..
Womens Mittens-188M
Womens Size Medium-- This pair of Kozy mittens features a beautiful braided variegated red wo..
Womens Mittens-211S
Womens Size Small--Dark blue wool with white and light blue stripes for the top sides. D..
Womens Mittens-214S
Womens Size Small--These Kozy Mittens have light green wool for the top sides. The palm ..
Womens Mittens-226M
Womens Size Medium -    These adorable mitten are made from a double ply cashme..
Womens Mittens-227S
Womens Size Small--   These warm wool mittens have a pocket incorporated into them.&..
Womens Mittens-232M
Womens Size Medium-- These Mittens have a Holiday flare, with Holly Hock vine going down the ..
Womens Mittens-237M
Womens Size Medium Soft, thick, variegated Tan Lambs wool was used on the top side of these m..
Womens Mittens-239M
Womens Size Medium Thick Red & Gray Lambs wool guaranteed to keep you warm no matter how ..
Womens Mittens-242M
Womens Size Medium So soft - a Rust colored Cashmere is used for the tops of these mittens - ..
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